Antibiotics resistance

To slow resistance we need to cut the use of unnecessary antibiotics. We are asking everyone in Leeds, the public and the medical community to use antibiotics appropriately.

Using antibiotics when you don’t need them may mean that they won’t work for you when you do need them in the future.

Antibiotics are important medicines for treating bacterial infections but experts say that the medicines are losing their effectiveness at an increasing rate, warning that antibiotic resistance is one of the most significant threats to patients’ safety. The World Health Organisation has warned that resistance to antibiotics poses “a major global threat” and that there are likely to be “devastating” implications unless “significant” action is taken urgently.

To slow down the development of antibiotic resistance it is important to use antibiotics in the right way, to use the right drug, at the right dose, at the right time for the right duration.

Many people think that antibiotics can cure common health conditions such as sore throats, coughs, colds and earaches, and will help to shorten their illness. However, in general, these common health conditions cannot and should not be treated by antibiotics. You can visit your local pharmacist for self-care advice on these common health conditions or if advised by the pharmacist to buy over the counter medication.

The 3 CCGs in Leeds have launched a campaign to see how future resistant you are. You can take an interactive online quiz and find out more at before making a pledge to join the antibiotic resistance.

To help promote the campaign, you can download the campaign resources from, which includes:

•Video clips – produced by Trinity Vision with students from Leeds Trinity University, which highlight the importance of completing your antibiotic course (please see below)
•Animated GIFs
•Social media images and videos
Video clips produced by Trinity Vision with students from Leeds Trinity University

Seriously – if you’re given antibiotics please complete the course and don’t be like Zombie Dave…






Updated: 01/11/16